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Breast implant revision is a surgical procedure designed to correct complications or dissatisfaction after a previous breast surgery, usually after breast augmentation. While most breast surgeries are highly successful, complications can arise that require surgical correction in some cases. When you meet with Mr Gwanmesia, he will assess your concerns and determine how best to correct your complications. This may include removal and/or replacement of your breast implant(s).

Reasons to Undergo Breast Implant Revision

The following are some of the most common reasons why women choose to undergo breast revision.

Capsular Contracture

While still relatively uncommon, capsular contracture is a reason to undergo breast revision. Capsular contracture is when the scar tissue that naturally forms around the breast implant begins to tighten and harden excessively, causing pain, discomfort, and an unnatural appearance. The necessary correction is surgical removal of the scar tissue and may also include replacement of the implant(s).

Anatomical Implant Shifting

If an anatomical breast implant shifts within the breast pocket, the breast may appear misshapen or deformed. Shifted anatomical implants can be repositioned or replaced with round implants during breast revision surgery.

Implant Rupture

The rupture rate of breast implants has significantly diminished in recent years. However, if an implant rupture occurs, the implant will need to be replaced. Ruptured implants can be replaced during breast revision surgery.

Bottoming Out

Although it is normal for breast implants to settle down or descend after breast augmentation, in some cases, the implant will fall below the breast crease. This causes the upper breast to lose volume and the nipple to appear abnormally high on the breast. Mr Gwanmesia can surgically elevate the breast implant to correct bottoming out and improve its placement.

Implant Positioning Issues

In some cases, issues with the position of the breast implants may warrant breast revision. Whether they were poorly placed in the initial augmentation procedure, they have shifted since then, or they have slid below the breast crease to create double bubble deformity, the implant(s) can be removed and replaced according to the patient’s desires.


Symmastia occurs when breast implants are positioned too close together, causing the breasts to become connected in the middle. Breast revision surgery for symmastia manipulates the breast pocket to reposition the implants and correct the midline connection so that the breasts appear more natural.


Dissatisfaction with the results of breast augmentation is the most common reason women undergo breast implant revision surgery. Whether you wish to change the size, type, shape, texture, profile, or another aspect of your breast implants, breast revision surgery can help you achieve the look you desire.

If you are experiencing complications or dissatisfaction after your initial breast augmentation implant surgery, contact us right away to schedule your breast revision consultation. Mr Ivo Gwanmesia can alleviate your concerns and help you achieve the results you desire. To schedule your consultation today, please call us at 02074741300 or fill out our online contact form.

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